Over 15% of the population in Wilmington, NC live below the poverty line. Many of the families we serve fall into this segment of the population. Approximately 70% of the households we serve are single mothers with children. Through furniture donations and financial support, we strive to give people hope and dignity in their lives by providing them with basic furnishings (beds, tables, couches, chairs, etc.).


On most Saturday mornings and occasionally during the week our volunteers pick up and deliver furniture in the Greater Wilmington area. We are always looking for able bodied people willing to devote at least 4-6 hours a month to help others.

Help us to help others by joining the team today!


The success of 2SHARE is dependent on your furniture and cash donations. We will pick up donated items (in good condition) at no cost to you. 2SHARE then delivers, free of charge, to families in need in the Greater Wilmington area. Through your support we were able to increase pickups and deliveries by 20% in 2023.

Your donation helps us to help others.


Your tax deductible financial donations will be used to purchase furnishings (primarily beds). In 2023, 2SHARE delivered 250 beds – over 60% went to children. Every donation of at least $250 means a new, quality twin bed for a child.

We never have enough beds. 


Give the gift of a good night’s sleep.
$250 buys a child a new twin mattress and platform.

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the lives of the people we serve. 100% of your generous donation will go to providing families with furnishings.

Link will take you to a secure PayPal site to complete your donation.


Congrats on a great year! I love the pics
Thanks for helping us with our ministry- you are our ‘missing link!
Best wishes for a happy and successful new year!
Mary Ann
The Sister Isaac Center

“You provide a no barrier service that makes a profound difference. Not only for the client, but for those who serve them.”
Laurie Webb
MedNorth Health Center