About Us


  • 2SHARE completed 195 truck deliveries to 167 households.
  • We increased truck deliveries by 29% and witnessed a 17% increase in new clients over 2021.
  • Single moms represented over 65% of our clients; senior citizens represented 15%.
  • In total, we served more than 700 people – over 400 children.
  • 2SHARE delivered 170 beds and some 700 other significant pieces of furniture in 2022. 
  • Our operating tempo through the first 6 months of 2023 is 20% above the same period for last year.

With your help and support we will continue to serve our community in 2023.



In 2017, a small group of volunteers associated with Wilmington Faiths Against Gun Violence and Church of the Servant, Episcopal started an ad hoc effort to take in furniture donations and deliver to those in need in our community.  


Roughly 65% of our clients are single mothers and grandmothers.  Our average family size is 5.  Over sixty percent of the 2000+ people we have served thus far are children.


As a non-profit, all volunteer, public charity, we work cooperatively with over three dozen local organizations and agencies in New Hanover and neighboring counties. We are a member of the New Hanover County Disaster Coalition and the UWCFA/NHC Capacity Network.


Client referrals come to us from trusted organizations including; Good Shepherd Center,  The Sister Isaac Center,  Child First, Domestic Violence Shelter,  Med North, the Northside Food Coop,  Catholic Charities, Coastal Horizons, Help Hub, Trillium, Big Buddy Program, Soaring As Eagles, NHC Social Services, One Christian Network, First Meal , First Fruits, NOVANT, local faith communities, Community in Schools, and a number of New Hanover County school social workers.


In 2022, 2SHARE officially became a 501c3 public charity.  In addition to financial donations, we receive some level of funding for operating expenses through the generosity of several local faith communities.  These currently include: Church of the Servant, Episcopal, St. Paul’s Episcopal,  St. James Parrish, and Wrightsville UMC,  Additionally, over 1000 square feet of our current storage space is donated by St. Peter the Fisherman Church. Financial support from these faith communities allows us to rent trucks, pay for gas as well as other incidentals needed to get furniture to those who need it. We have also received support from local retailers, particularly Mattress Firm and Mattress and Furniture Liquidators and most recently Home Again Fine Consignments. So far in 2023 we have received grants from the Catherine Kennedy Foundation, NOVANT,  NHC Community Foundation, and TRUIST Bank. Most of our grant money is used to purchase beds and related items.


Since we began in October 2018 in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, we have made over 600 furniture deliveries.  Likewise, we have served over 500 households thus far. The need never seems to end.  Rather, it continues to grow as so many in our community struggle everyday to makes ends meet.  It is our vision and hope that over time will be able to grow 2SHARE to not only meet the need for furnishings in Greater Wilmington but in neighboring communities and counties as well.